How Clear Jelly worked for them

Clear Jelly has performed exceptionally and allowed us to build via Power BI a flexible business tool drawing from Xero data plus a host of other cloud solutions.

Aaron Brimfield

Clear Jelly has provided us an effective and efficient solution to merging our Xero data and Power BI, delivering upto date management dashboards for our dispersed team.

Clinton Keenan

We have tested all business intelligence add-ons. Clear Jelly Add-on was the only solution to cover these requirements brilliantly.

Wesley Nel

Would highly recommend this add-on for anyone who wishes to have finer control over the analysis and manipulation of their data.

David McKean


Clear Jelly (or the premium version Acterys) are cloud-based business intelligence and planning applications that connect multiple entities and data sources into a single platform for valuable insights. Whether it’s your accounting data, marketing data, or any other type of data, Clear Jelly consolidates all information from systems like Xero, QuickBooks, Saasu for as many entities as you require in addition to various CRMs, and social media platforms – giving businesses 360° visibility into their overall performance.

Our clients also have the option of bundling  professional data analyst services into their Clear Jelly subscription, whether you just need someone to create a beautiful dashboard, or the experience of a virtual CFO or your personal financial analyst.

The application’s breadth of functionality gives business users access to flexible and stunning reports, effective planning and budgeting, and powerful modelling capabilities.

Reporting | Dashboards | Consolidation

Design stunning reports & dashboards that consolidate as many entities as you need with our Web App or Excel-Add-In. Advanced features like drill down, drill through to transactions and a variety of chart types. Combine financial data with CRM & social analytics data with connectors. Share reports on the web, as dynamic Excel files or on a mobile app. Get the power of Microsoft Power BI Dashboards with a click of a button.

Effective Planning

If your annual budgeting and planning process is based on spreadsheets, dependent on IT, or based on technology older than the iPhone; you’re behind the 8-ball. With Clear Jelly planning and budgeting have never been easier: use extensive options for top/down bottom planning on any level of the model.

Powerful Modelling

Easily create powerful, interactive business models connected with your accounting and other data to test different business scenarios. Seamlessly simulate business changes like introduction of new products, reorganisation and parameter changes such as currencies rates and interest rates

Excel|Web|Mobile Devices

Clear Jelly runs as a flexible web application including a web spreadsheet available via a web browser and integrated into Excel (with a live connection to the data model - not as data dumps). It can also be run as a mobile device application.

Data Integrity & Governance

Clear Jelly Premium enables you to setup role based user rights. You can partition data based on roles, their user rights and control what they allowed to change. Administrators can easily gain visibility into changes to data with detailed audit reports. Reports will automatically consider account user rights and only display what information and features are available to the current user.

Backup / Offline Access

Clear Jelly Premium maintains a relational or multidimensional data model with all your Accounting Service (Xero/Saasu) transactions that can be used offline with advanced reporting and ad hoc query options.

Quick Demo


Create completely customisable interactive dashboards in a few minutes that consolidate multiple entities/companies. Navigate thorough the 5 pages with the arrows at the bottom below and discover different dashboard types. All items (filters and data objects) are clickable e.g. clicking on the “PMD” product in the sales report will highlight results for this specific selection for the other items:


As of Q2 2016 a Power BI connection is available to Xero users through a web based content pack. This is a good starting point if you are happy with the dashboard that Xero provides, but it is fundamentally different to what Clear Jelly offers Power BI users:

Consolidation of multiple companies

Build Dashboards With Power BI Desktop

Your Own Calculations, Visualisations and Tracking Codes

Integration Of Other Sources

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Software Enabled Service (SES): Business Intelligence Is Not Just Technology

Despite what glossy marketing materials will tell you: effective business intelligence is not about just subscribing to a technology service. As with legal services, accountants etc. the know-how of a human expert at your side on an ongoing basis is a key factor to success. As a business owner you likely have better things to do than roaming software knowledge bases and watching technology education videos.

Clear Jelly SES packages provide you with a combination of the most powerful analytics platform in the market plus business intelligence expert services like:

  • Configuring reports & dashboards exactly to your needs
  • Integrating additional data sources required to run your business
  • Conducting ad hoc analysis for specific questions and
  • Running budgeting and forecasting processes (collecting, mapping information and compiling budgets that can be matched with your actuals)

Based on your requirements you decide what range of hourly services per month is required with the benefit that unused hours rollover and can be used up in peak periods like budget time. For further details please refer to the table below or start a conversation with one of our friendly online chat team.


  • Fast StartOne time payment
  • 299US$
  • 2h Training & consulting
  • Identify initial
    set of KPI’s
  • Implementation of an interactive dashboard
    or report tailored to your requirement

Clear Jelly Software Service Only Package

Clear Jelly BI Repository Excel Add-in/Power BI Integration

Report Review Advisory**


Planning Forecasting


Software & Consultancy Lite Package

Clear Jelly BI Repository Excel Add-in/Power BI Integration

Report Review Advisory**


Planning Forecasting

1hour of analytics consultancy p.m.


Software & Consultancy Mega Package

Clear Jelly BI Repository Excel Add-in/Power BI Integration

Report Review Advisory**


Planning Forecasting

7hours of analytics consultancy p.m.


Software & Consultancy Ultra Package

Clear Jelly BI Repository Excel Add-in/Power BI Integration

Report Review Advisory**


Planning Forecasting

12hours of analytics consultancy


for analytics consultancy

for analytics consultancy

for analytics consultancy

for analytics consultancy

**Hours accumulate and don’t expire during the 12 month contract period.

For example you can use more hours during budget preparation and then scale back during normal periods.

* billed annually

add as many hours
as you need


We are not the only ones in this market, so how do we compare?

(This is based on our knowledge and subject to change. Please contact us if you disagree, and we will amend)

Minimum Spend User/Advisor Clear jelly $29-$69 Futrli $59-$399 Spotlight $50-$495 Fathom $49


Bar, gauges, pie, geo spatial, heat map etc.

Direct Connectors

(Google Analytics, MS SQL, Salesforce, oData,Facebook, Exchange, Zendesk, etc. via Power BI)


Entry on any level Flexible distribution logicUnlimited Scenarios

Excel Integration

Live (formula based) Integration from Excel (No copy/paste or data dumps)

Mobile Devices

Native iOS and Android Apps (via Power BI)


Customisable Dashboards

Drill Through

Always access to underlying transactions that make up a number in the source

User Rights

Varying user access levels down to single item