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Tuesday, October 24th 2017 at 2:00pm – 3:00pm AEST

Interactive Webinar

Next Level BI

As a trusted advisor managing finances for your clients you understand that data is one of the absolute key elements of your client’s success.

Cloud based accounting solution are enabling dramatic efficiency improvements with data being available in near real time for financial aspects. The problem is this is just one aspect and even for that the data is typically not available in the format required.

Off the shelf web services like Futrli, Spotlight, Fathom etc. can provide you with nice looking reports and slightly improved data interaction. If they fulfil your requirements perfect get your subscription there.

What we have learned though from implementing enterprise scale business intelligence solutions for the past 20 years, is that even with the greatest technology solutions enabling comprehensive data driven decision making takes a bit more than what an off the shelf web service can offer.

Standard reports and dashboards are an initial step in Clear Jelly as well similar to what our friends from the competition offer but this is the only similarity.

Fundamentally Different Approach

As opposed to forcing you in yet another, closed web application corset, Clear Jelly provides the user with a comprehensive business intelligence framework.

What does that mean for you?

Your Own Professional Back End For Analysis

Clear Jelly provides each subscriber with their own, data warehouse back end that is optimized for analysis purposes and focused on minimizing query times but also on enabling typical analysis requirements like time intelligence (time aggregations, year to date, variances, handling flow and point in time measures etc.)

Open Platform

Clear Jelly uses a standard, openly accessible and customisable market leading SQL Server platform. This means you have the option (which doesn’t mean that you have to do this – Clear Jelly offers SES) to control details and exactly customise the data to your needs.

Variety Of Front End Options

Business intelligence requirements vary dramatically: from complex ad hoc analysis, forecasting and simulation to standardised dashboards as a mobile app. Clear Jelly doesn’t force you into the corset of just a typically inflexible closed web service. In addition to a web browser app Clear Jelly offers a professional Excel integration (with live data connection not dumping data into spreadsheets), interactive dashboards but also access with any other front end that works with a relational database (e.g. Tableau).

Easy Integration with Other Sources

Accounting data is important but typically you want to add other sources. With Clear Jelly you can easily integrate nearly any source like CRM systems web analytics, etc., etc.

Software Enabled Service

Despite what glossy marketing materials will tell you: effective business intelligence is not about just subscribing to a technology service. As with legal services, accountants etc. the know-how of a human expert at your side on an ongoing basis is a key factor to success.So, the Clear Jelly product is a combination of a technology platform and advisory services. The advisory services are provided by our partner network and enables them to generate recurring income from providing Business Intelligence services supported by our technology platform. Either just as referral partners or taking it further by offering related advisory services like:

  • Outsourced CFO: Ensuring the right strategic direction and action plans
  • Planning Process Support: Budgeting/forecasting processes and ongoing monitoring
  • Ad hoc Analytics: Data analysis and custom report design
  • or even tailored applications for your clients.
Immediate Start & No Hassles

Clear Jelly makes it a breeze to take your practice to the next level with:

  • Distributing interactive reports & management dashboards to your clients
  • Automated Billing
  • Providing you with all technical support like: integrating other required data sources,

That sounds interesting? Contact us for an initial, free 15min consultation how you can take your practice to the next level with comprehensive business intelligence services for your clients: Arrange Consultation