Your Reality…

You are managing finances for your clients or are a successful entrepreneur, franchise owner yourself that understands that data driven decision making is a key ingredient to succeed in an ultra-competitive environment.

Your reality is different: you either don’t have a clear comprehensive picture that includes all relevant data sources for your business to see what’s going on or you or expensive staff waste a lot of time with spreadsheet convolutes trying to consolidate results of different entities, stores, franchise outlets etc.

This is the present. The future is even worse: There is no way to simulate what changes in key drivers of your business would do to you to allow you to react pro-actively. A planning process that would align everyone in the organisation to agreed targets and ensure that they are achieved is just too complex to implement.

Heard That Before?

Now, we are realistic you probably heard about a cure for that from a variety of vendors out there that promise you the end of all your woes with glossy reports by just subscribing to this or that service. For some of you this might be all they need – so perfect stop reading and enjoy the benefits of your subscription.

Still on?

Yes, things are not that simple: you need details that the off the shelf reporting service just can’t give you like:

  • Consolidated results,
  • Information from other sources than the accounting system,
  • Different grouping than the service thinks you deserve
  • The ability to look into the future by having effective budgeting and simulation options

We know the problems well believe me. We have worked with some of the largest organizations to improve analytics and planning processes with very successful outcomes but that typically involves 5 figure plus investments. So not that relevant for you.

What is relevant, is that due to the standardized structure of cloud based accounting systems and the cloud we can provide you now with an enterprise grade, flexible technology backbone at commodity price. That’s nice but still likely not enough, analytics and interpreting the results to take the right action are a complex field that requires experienced professionals.

Enterprise Grade Technology

  • One click Clear Jelly data warehouse automatically built and updated with your accounting data but easily extended with any other data source
  • Completely customisable interactive dashboards based on Power BI for ongoing monitoring and data discovery
  • Efficient process to run forecasting and planning and
  • Powerful integration with Excel that dynamically links your data from just one report not creating more spreadsheet hell with dumping static data


Software Enabled Services

Technology though is only the start you have more important things to than to configure the reports required and link all the different sources you need. That’s where our outsourced business analyst services come in. A number of hours a month with a bright analytic mind a month who is an expert for finding the interesting things in data and who will take care of the nitty gritty work and ensure that action is taken so that targets are achieved.

That sounds interesting? Arrange your free 15min consultation here.